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Easier, more secure, greater coverage area than WiFi. Designed specifically for the dial-up user.
The Nebo Wireless Link uses advanced, patented Lock-InTM technology that allows for the first time a PC modem to be used remotely over a 900 MHz cordless phone channel. The Wireless Link brings the convenience, performance, security and range of 900 MHz cordless phones to the PC world.

Setup Requirements

  • An internet service provider (such as AOL)
  • A computer with a dial-up modem and a USB port - the Wireless Link works with any operating system (Windows, Mac OS, MS-DOS, Linux) and does not require any software or device drivers to be installed.

  • Features Benefits
    • Microwave radio replaces the wire from the phone jack to your computer.
    • Lets you go wireless with dialup Internet, roam freely with your laptop or install your desktop PC far from a phone jack.
    • Works with the dialup modem already installed in your PC, up to 56 Kbps.
    • Supports every historical and current dialup modem, from 300 bps Hayes products to modems based on V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, and V.90/92 protocols.
    • Minimizes system cost, size, weight and power requirements.
    • Lets you monitor your modem connection as you already do.
    • Lock-InTM technology: Internal microprocessor configures each dialup connection according to the line condition and other environmental factors.
    • Protects communications with over 260,000 digital security codes.
    • Provides inherent security and makes outside penetration of your wireless Internet communication practically impossible.
    • Provides immunity to 802.11 WiFi's problems with "packet sniffing" and theft-of-service.
    • Uses 900Mhz FM cordless phone technology.
    • Eliminates the coverage area "dead spots" encountered with 802.11 WiFi.
    • No Drivers needed.
    • Supports ALL computer operating systems, now and in future.
    • Operates independently of software.
    • Always up to date.
    • Operates instantly, without loading drivers, configuration or set up.
    • Quick & easy installation, with no impact on application software, internet browser, operating system or internet service provider.
    • No batteries needed: Remote unit powered through USB connection.
    • Remote unit is roughly the size of a cell phone.
    • Ideal for business travel.
    • Entire lightweight system fits into your laptop bag.
    • Longer reach: Up to 300 ft in most homes.
    • Supports much longer distance roaming than can 802.11 WiFi.
    • Constant connection speed over wide coverage area.
    • Provides stable, reliable connection while roaming away from the Personal Access Point (base station).

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