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The Wireless Link's built-in security feature automatically selects one of over 260,000 digital security codes for the base and remote unit. Each base and remote unit operate as pair and securely communicate with one another using Nebo's Lock-In™ technology. If you own more than one Wireless Link, please remember that matched base and remote units must be used together.

Patent-protected Lock-InTM Technology
Nebo's patent-protected Lock-In™ technology provides inherent security as a side benefit of conditioning the dialup wireless communication channel.

During establishment of a conventional, wired dialup connection, two parties (Call them the modem and the ISP.) automatically negotiate the highest possible connection speed. It's necessary to negotiate for every 'phone connection because each one differs in levels of signals and noise, and in ability to carry the signal. The negotiation process makes that odd but familiar noise you hear as your modem and the ISP attempt to communicate.

Since it takes advantage of the modem already built into your PC, the Wireless Link's radio must transfer the bi-directional modem signal unaltered. Its built-in microprocessor solves this problem with an enhanced negotiation among your modem, the radio link and ISP. The microprocessor searches among thousands of possible gain setting, offset and equalization combinations to find the optimum mapping between the 'phone and microwave segments of the connection. Unlike Wi-Fi , the Wireless Link's optimized mapping during the handshake process requires "seeing" the line condition between the 'phone and microwave segments of the connection. A snooper will not be able to duplicate this line condition unless he can "see" your 'phone wire (and in that case he can capture your data directly). It is technically impossible to infer the telephone line's condition later, because the microwave signal in the air is already "conditioned" by the microprocessor.

Thus the "packet sniffing" and theft-of-service problems plaguing 802.11 WiFi data communications are eliminated by the Wireless Link Lock-In™ technology. There is no need to encrypt data passing across it.

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