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Nebo Wireless PC Link

Nebo Wireless Link for PCs or laptops, at the price of $79.99 per unit, offers any PC or laptop user the capability to move around for up 300 ft away from its phone jack. It will work for any dialup PC or laptop and will work with any dialup ISP. It does not have any software to be installed. You do not need to change any settings or the download program. Just connect and it would work. The total setup time is less than 1 minute, guaranteed.

Due to a spike in orders we have recently sold out of our inventory of Nebo Wireless PC Links, we regret to inform you that we will have to cease taking orders. For special orders of large quantities see below.



PC Wireless Link Order Information

For purchases over a 100 Wireless Link units please contact the Sales department at or 1-978-682-1209

For purchase less than 100 Wireless Link units buy online from Nebo’s authorized dealer at or call 1-888-229-2411