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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Over what distance can I expect the Wireless Link to operate?
  2. What connection speed can I expect?
  3. My computer sometimes indicates a 56 Kbps connection speed when I use the Wireless Link. I've never encountered this speed with my direct-wired modem, how is this possible?
  4. If I own a Wireless Link, are other charges required in order to use it?
  5. Must I notify my ISP that I'm using the Wireless Link?
  6. I have a room in my home that I would like to use my computer on dialup Internet service but there are no telephone jacks in this room. Will I be able to use my computer in this room if I purchase your product?
  7. Can I disconnect my phone service if I purchase your product?
  8. If I am online with my computer and using the Wireless Link, can I use the telephone on the same telephone line?
  9. Does your product work with DSL Internet service?
  10. Does your product work with broadband cable TV Internet service?
  11. Does your product work with TiVo dialup Internet service?
  12. Does your product work with cellular phone service?
  13. Can I use your product without a telephone line?
  14. Can I use your product in my car while I am traveling?
  15. Does your product work at hotels?
  16. Does your product work overseas?
  17. Will the Wireless Link work with my operating system and current software?
  18. I have a very old modem. Will it still work?
  19. Are my communications via the Wireless Link secure and private?
  20. How do microwave ovens, cordless phones or other potential interference sources affect the Wireless Link?
  21. 802.11 WiFi suffers from weak and dead spots in its coverage area. How about the Wireless Link?
  22. I've damaged or lost one unit of the matched set. What do I do?
  23. Can I send a fax via the Wireless Link?
  24. What type of modem dialing does the Wireless Link support?
  25. My telephone service provides the call-waiting signal. What happens if a call arrives while I'm online?
  26. I have two phone lines in my home. Both lines are available via a single jack. How do I use the Wireless Link in this case?
  27. Can I share my Wireless Link with several users at the same time?
  28. What is the size and weight of the Wireless Link?

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