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Management Team

Ernie H. Lin, Ph.D. CEO and President

Dr. Lin is a co-founder of Nebo Wireless.

Dr. Lin previously founded Advanced TechCom, Inc. (ATI), a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of digital microwave radio equipment. For several years, ATI was the second- or third-largest short-haul digital microwave supplier to the United States cellular industry and the largest medium-capacity supplier in Canada and Australia. Known for its technical excellence, ATI was the first to integrate an entire microwave radio modem into a single ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) and the first to design and build a hybrid RF and microwave circuit board for its long-haul (1.5Ghz to 8.5Ghz) product line, technical developments that have since found their way into 802.11 (aka Wi-Fi) radio products. Dr. Lin was the chief architect of all of ATI's microwave radio products and served as CEO from the company's inception in 1990 until its 1998 purchase by Nera ASA of Norway.

Prior to that, M/A-COM's Communications Division employed Dr. Lin as head of the company's engineering department in the design of microwave radios for video and computer industries. Earlier, he served as an engineer and as an engineering manager within the Microwave Radio Department of AT&T Bell Labs in North Andover, MA.

Dr. Lin has filed numerous patents in microwave radio and wireless communication. He is well known in the microwave radio industry, particularly for his pioneering work with Angle Diversity in high-capacity microwave communications and his many pioneering works in medium-capacity digital radios for the wireless and computer industries.

Adolf J. Giger, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Giger was a co-founder of Nebo Wireless and is an IEEE Fellow.

After his 1990 early retirement from AT&T Bell Labs, Dr. Giger worked with Dr. Lin at ATI.

Dr. Giger served in microwave radio at AT&T Bell Labs for 34 years, the last 18 years as a Department Head of the Microwave Radio Department, the group that invented much of America's long-distance telephone technology. It was here that he met and first collaborated with Dr. Lin.

Dr. Giger represented the U.S.A. in ITU-CCIR (International Telecommunications Union) standard-setting committees for 13 years. He is well known in the technical community at large. Dr. Giger is the author of numerous patents and papers in the wireless field, he wrote a book on microwave propagation, and he contributed to two other books on digital radio systems.

Jacob Katz Jr., Senior Adviser

Jacob is an entrepreneur who opened and operates various successful businesses on his own. He is president and CEO of ATMBC which currently controls 16% of the ATM Market in NYC, and 23% in Latin America.

Prior to ATM, Jacob was and still is CEO of TransBlue, a Global Merchant Service Company with offices throughout the US and abroad. He also runs a few other companies in the processing world such as POS systems and Kiosk / Vending Machines. Being in the payment industry for two decades, he brings a tone of experience in the payment market to the table.

Peter Lai, Vice President, Operations

Peter Lai is a seasoned manufacturing operations executive. He managed material and inventory systems at ATI for 8 years. For six years after ATI's acquisition by Nera Networks, Mr. Lai was involved in all of the operation's manufacturing decisions. He held senior positions in operations and was responsible for manufacturing, including both material and inventory management, at Nera.

At M/A-COM, Mr. Lai managed testing of the Microwave Radio Division's video- and computer-related products.

His responsibilities within Nebo Wireless include order administration, materials and inventory management, ERP system management, outsourced contract manufacturing management, production control, as well as communication system configuration and all aspects of the company's operations.